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Research Issues




Comparing academic achievement, stability, society and service performance of undergraduates from distinct admission channels

The role of finances on student learning outcomes

E-learning and big data analysis

Key factors affecting students’suspension of school, drop-out, and deferred graduation

A study on off-campus practical learning affecting interns’ learning satisfaction, career planning, and employment competitiveness

Data-driven analysis for knowledge-action integration of university graduates

Analysis of salary value-added benefits of Asia university postgraduates

Analysis about Governance of Campus Affairs and Financial Relations in the University

Analysis about Average Time and Relative Factors Regarding the First SCI or SSCI Paper Published by Teachers after Working in Asia University

Strategic Analysis about Enrolling Sufficient Students in Good Methods

Learning Achievement of Students Winning Awards in the Invention Exhibition

Correlation Analysis of Learning Achievement and Students’ Reading Ability

Effects of Library Holding Academic Progress Award

An Analysis of the Academic Effectiveness of Super Seniors between 2010 and 2015 in Asia University

An Analysis of the Academic Effectiveness of Dropouts between 2011 and 2015 in Asia University

An Analysis of the Academic Effectiveness of Transfer (in) Students between 2010 and 2015 Academic years in Asia University

Analysis of Graduates' Employment Flow and Salary

Analyzing the Learning Performance and Employment of Economically Disadvantaged Students Using Propensity Score Matching Method

Improve the Learning Performance of Economically Disadvantaged Students Using Institutional Data Strategy

A Model of Analysis and Prediction for the Reasons of Suspension of Withdrawal from University for Students of Asia University



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